Compass Expert for Windows 10


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Compass Expert is the only Windows Phone compass that is designed to look and work like a real baseplate compass. Use it for hiking, backpacking, orienteering, scouting, and camping.Features:1. Set the compass dial and rotate the baseplate until the needle is in the house.2. See the declination for your current location.3. Understand important concepts by reading the included guide.4. Works while in airplane mode and with GPS disabled.Updated in 1.1:1. Ability to add multiple users; compass settings and training saved per user.2. Added more entries to guide.Updated in 1.2:1. Fix issues with compass sensor readings.2. Set pace for each user and calculate pace for a given distance.Updated in 1.3:1. Added calibration screenUpdated in 1.4:1. Added setting for Location Services

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